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WoW Classic – The Scourge Invasion Has Begun

The Scourge Invasion event has begun in WoW Classic. This event is part of Phase 6, the last content update for the MMORPG. Phase 6 brings Naxxramas, the last raid in the game. The event will happen in a different way than it happened 14 years ago in WoW Vanilla. Let’s see how the two events differ from one another.

The original Scourge Invasion event began on June 20th, 2006. The event includes invasions, more bosses to take down in dungeons, vendors, and new quests. The invasions were outdoor events where players fought undead monsters. The Invasion stage of the original release had three parts. It began with Necrotic Shards that appeared in each zone that was attacked. These shards were guarded by mobs and players had to take down the mobs in order to destroy the shards.

Necrotic runes were among the most important rewards. These runes were needed to complete quests. They were also used as currency for valuable items such as consecrated sharpening stones and blessed weapon oil. Each server experienced the Invasion event at its own pace. The first part ended when shards were destroyed in 50 zones. One hundred destroyed shards were needed for the second part and 150 for the third one. After one part ended, players got rewards. They would speak to NPCs in capitals that would give them an item for a stamina buff. The Invasion event ended after three weeks even if the last condition was not met.

Here is how the Scourge Invasion will happen in WoW Classic. The developers thought that changes were needed because players know much more about the game now than they did 14 years ago. There are also lots of geared level 60 players that could clear the event too fast. According to the developers’ calculations, some servers would complete the entire event in as little as five days. That would make the event rushed for others.

So, changes were made. The number of zones completion requirements was upped to 100, 200, and 300. The event-specific features such as bonus dungeon bosses, vendors, and quests will be available until December 31st. Players will have one extra week after the third invasion part in which they can get their rewards. This extra week will not extend beyond December 31st. Don’t miss this event as it gives you the chance to witness one of the most iconic moments in WoW’s history. You also have a chance to buy WoW Classic gold at a really low price on GoldPiles store.


(Contributed by Reda; Edited by Hermes_Fang)