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NBA 2K21: Next-gen Update #1

PlayStation 5 and Xbox series S and X are now available to the public, thus launching a new next-gen era. 2K games and Visual concepts have already released the next-gen version of NBA 2K 21. The first patch update for this version of the game is also available since November 14, bringing small changes to the game. Let us review the patch notes for update 1.

Visual concept teams have already started patching next-gen NBA 2K21, just a few days after the release. Most gamers also buy NBA 2K21 MT coins for extra help. The patch improves the game’s visuals, the gameplay, as well as some of the game modes. This patch is mainly a way to polish the game just after the release and it fixes various bugs and stability issues. We have already discussed the improvements to the game, which came with the next-gen so we will just talk about the update.

Concerning the visual improvements, the patch allows for better face scans when using the MyNBA2K mobile app. The accessories and hair models that the users apply to the players they create have better aspects. Besides, the San Antonio Spurs official sponsor logo has been added to the game and many players’ and coaches’ models have been improved. Moreover, the Houston Rockets arena’s jumbotron has been enhanced.

Let us talk about the gameplay. Several options are now active in the pause menu of Quickplay. Some animations and behaviors have also been modified for both players and coaches. The update has corrected an issue where a specific jump ball did not line up correctly with the center of the court. The game should no longer show the wrong replay in certain situations. Lastly, the camera should no longer clip through coaches and players in some cases.

Some game modes have equally been improved. The update has improved The City’s performance and stability in general. Swags accessories shop has new gears for your players. The issue where the game did not properly track win streaks has also been fixed. Some camera issues that occurred at different sections of the game have been corrected as well as some hangs that happened under certain circumstances.

The update has also fixed some issues in MyCareer, such as hangs and content errors. VC balance and game goals in college issues have also been fixed. The W and MyNBA had stability and performance enhancements. Lastly, in MyTeam, your MyPlayer will rating will display correctly.


(Contributed by mezaoyabin; Edited by Hermes_Fang)