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Good home business ideas

The current times we live in are ideally suited for starting a business from home. Challenging as it may be, there are many opportunities born out of innovation and necessity. Especially now continue to develop yourself, your business and your finances. Focus your attention on what you can do. Perhaps one of those opportunities is making money from home. In this blog I share ideas for how you can start your business from home. The opportunities are really great right now.


1. Online Courses

This is one of my favorites. If you have good content (value), you can create an online course on literally any topic and start your business from home. See the blog on this from a while back for more information: Click here for the link to the blog about making money online.


Online courses is one that you do want to keep a close eye on. It takes more than just creating a simple course and putting it online and starting to make money. What you need for this is a clear funnel. You can see more about funnels below.

The goal behind a funnel is very simple: to give people the opportunity to get to know you and your products. How many people don’t have a fantastic product without any customers coming to it? Exactly. That is why you need a funnel.


If you really want to go all in on online courses? Then definitely consider adding a membership area to your website. Here people can log in and use a separate platform where you can post your videos and training materials. You can also give people automatic access to different levels in your membership or send them different videos by email (with link). Such a membership is also a better protected environment than just having loose materials here and there.


2. Sell books

A book is an excellent way to start a business from home. In most cases you will not get rich from it but it is a nice passive way to earn some extra money. Provided, of course, that you wrote the book in the first place. Think also of E-books that you can sell. They require, in most cases, much less initial investment than for example a real physical book. A physical book, of course, must first be written before people can get to know it. And so you’ll have to pay for it yourself. Something to keep in mind if you want to go for passive income through book sales.


3. Financial advice

The downside of financial advice is that anyone can give it. The advantage of financial advice is that anyone can give it. If you are well educated and have something to do with finance, then this is (especially in the Netherlands!) An untapped market waiting for you. Financial advice? Check for yourself whether you have enough knowledge for this. It’s not easy helping people with their finances and you want to be sure that you have sufficient knowledge for this. The funny thing is that anyone can call themselves an accountant or financial advisor. Of course, there are quality labels.


4. Advice on gardening

Photos of the garden are enough. The rest you can arrange from home. With relatively limited investment in drawing programs, you can earn a nice penny. Passion for gardens? That is what you need (a little bit) before you start such a business from home. Advice on landscaping is something where many different disciplines come together and where, especially in boom times, there is a lot of work to be done.


5. Trimming boxwood

A google search provides in the Netherlands alone 179,000 hits. Talking about potential. I once spoke to someone who set up this idea worldwide. A good ad linked to a simple E-book. He earned thousands of dollars per month within a few months with this idea alone. Definitely something to look into further in this direction and see if this suits you.



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