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Dye your leather couch

With leather dye you can give you couch a new life. Refinish your leather couch or chair with angelus paint. First of all: it’s easy to do. Second of all: who doens’t want to enjoy their favorite piece of furniture for some more years without having to spend a whole lot of money? Usually leather doesn’t like it that much when random shafts of sunlight shine brightly on the leather surfaces or when cats puts their nails into the couch. That’s obvious. But you do not have to go out to get a new couch. You can simply give it a new coat of paint and your couch is ready fo another couple of years of loyal service.

The proces of painting the couch is actually quite simple. In most cases you should be able to do in in one day. Before you start painting you need to get the area in which you want to piant well ventilated. Because the paint itself has a very strong odor and some of the fumes that evaporates from the paint can be toxic. If you’ve ventilated the area then you have to put a cloth of some kind onderneath the couch. This is to protect the floor thats underneath the couch.

When the leather is made fully clean, then you can apply the deglazer. This is very important because if you do not apply the deglazer then the paint will not penetrate through the leather so it won’t stick. Also the deglazer removes any stains on the material. When apllying the deglazer you need to be vigorous to get it nice and clean. If you see the material change color, don’t be scared. This is normal.

If you have covered the parts that do not need paint like: wooden legs and arms with painter’s tape then you are ready to go. Tip: test a smal part that you won’t see first to see if you like the color.