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7 essential ingredients for success

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Eric Barker, renowned journalist and author of the world bestselling self-help book Barking on the Wrong Tree, shared the essential components of success. Follow these simple guidelines and you will never go astray.

If we want to be successful, we don’t have to play by the rules.

The school has rules, life doesn’t. Following the rules does not create success.

Your greatest weakness can be your greatest strength

Find your ideal environment for this.

What we call good or bad should often be called simply different.

To be great, society needs to be different, to accept a variety of people, no matter how strange and eccentric they may seem.

Explore yourself and find an environment that works for you

If you haven’t found your ideal environment yet, you can create it yourself, create your own path, use what makes you unique, including your flaws.

Sometimes selfish and opportunistic strategies can bring tangible benefits, but only in the short term.

To be successful, you need to go beyond your selfishness to build trust and achieve cooperation.

Selfless and altruistic people are more successful than most people think

There is a clear relationship between what was given just like that and what was later earned, a clear explanation of which has not yet been found.

Make a good story for yourself

Psychologist Viktor Frankl survived in a German concentration camp and helped many others survive, telling them: “When there is a why, you can endure any how.”

Read ”Barking on the Wrong Tree” to learn more important ideas from Eric Barker’s book, learn to accept your flaws, find weaknesses, and take non-standard roads to success.

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